The submitted abstracts can be in either English (preferred) or Chinese.


The papers presented in the annual meeting include Oral and Poster presentations:


  • Oral presentation:
  1. The Oral presentations will be organized into parallel sessions according to the topic categories selected during the abstract submissions. Invited talks are talks invited by the program committee. The rest of the talks are contributed talks, which the program committee will choose.

  2. When all the time slots for Oral presentations are occupied, some of the abstracts submitted as Oral presentations will be assigned to the Poster session.

  3. *Oral talks, including Invited and Contributed talks, must be presented in English, except for the talks on Physics Education.


  4. Best Oral Presentation Award and AAPPS Award: All students, both undergraduate and graduate, and Research Assistants (non-faculty) are encouraged to submit an extra 2-page Summary, in addition to the Abstract, for the Best Oral Presentation Award.

    Template for 2-page summary


  • Poster presentation:
  1. The Poster presentations should be uploaded before the deadline and presented at the designated time.
  1. Best Poster Presentation Award: All undergraduate and graduate students and Research Assistants (non-faculty) are eligible for the Best Poster Presentation Award.
  1. For those (students or research assistants ONLY) who attend the Best Poster Awards competition, you must show up at the designated time and be ready to answer questions from the referees. Best Poster Awards will be awarded in the closing ceremony.


Submission deadline for Abstract: 24:00, October 28, 2023
Submission deadline for Abstract: 24:00, November 4, 2023
Submission deadline for Abstract: 24:00, November 8, 2023
Deadline for post-deadline posters: 24:00, November 11, 2023


Poster Competition Guidelines:

Oral Presentation Competition Guidelines:

AAPPS Award Competition Guidelines:



台灣物理年會AAPPS Award評審辦法:

Abstracts can only be submitted after finishing the online registration.
Please submit your abstracts through the website:

On-line Submission 線上投稿