The Physical Society of Taiwan (TPS) promotes domestic undergraduate students in the field of physics to participate in research, provide published research results for mutual discussion, and recognize and encourage their research results. TPS cooperates with the CTCI to establish the CTCI Outstanding Physics Undergraduate Award.


Participants are undergraduates above the third year (inclusive) who participated in the Poster Award Competition at the annual meeting of TPS and won the Merit or Hornoable Poster Award.


The review adopts two stages: the first review will be based on application documents, and those who pass the first stage can proceed to the second stage, an oral review. The review will take place after the annual meeting of TPS.


Award: Six outstanding undergraduates will be selected. Each awardee will be awarded NT$ 50,000 and a certificate.

If a recipient of the Award is found to have violated academic integrity, actions will be taken in accordance with the Guidelines for Handling and Investigating Research Misconduct of the National Science and Technology Council.