Your cooperation is appreciated in keeping the meeting on schedule for the benefit of all attendees. Please note the following guidelines:


Oral Presentation- Length of presentation is listed in the program. Please save some time for PowerPoint setup and Q&A. A presentation must start on time and finish according to the schedule.


Laptop- Laptop are provided in each room. We recommend speakers to arrive early in their session rooms. An assistant will be there 30 min before each session to assist you.

  1. Please download or save your presentation file in the computer located in your session room.
  2. If you intend to use your own laptop for presentation, please confirm your laptop is compatible with the projector prior to the start of your session.


Connectors and laser pointers-A HDMI cable line and a laser pointer are available in each room.


Adaptors- Speakers are strongly recommended to bring their own adaptors for VGA connection, slide advancer, power cords and any proprietary cords. Please also back up your presentation in USB flash drive or cloud storage in case of unforeseen accident.